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Best PHP Packages in 2022

Best PHP Packages in 2022

Is PHP still worth learning in 2022?

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·Feb 10, 2022·

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Note: This post is constantly updating overtime. And not written prefessionally. Its just for the information.

Here are some of the best php packages:

1. erusev/parsedown

Better Markdown Parser in PHP.

Github :

Demo :


composer require erusev/parsedown


$Parsedown = new Parsedown();

echo $Parsedown->text('Hello _Parsedown_!'); 
# prints: <p>Hello <em>Parsedown</em>!</p>

You can also parse inline markdown only:

echo $Parsedown->line('Hello _Parsedown_!'); 
# prints: Hello <em>Parsedown</em>!

More examples in the wiki and in this video tutorial.

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